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NVIDIA: Moonlight macOS lets you stream your Windows games on Mac


Want to stream your gamer’s games on a Mac, but don’t know how to go about it? Lucky for you, Michael Kenny has developed moonlight macOS, an application that takes advantage of NVIDIA’s “GameStream” streaming technology. With it, you can stream games from your Windows computer to a MacBook. If it is unfortunately reserved for owners of an NVIDIA graphics card, the solution is very effective.

On the left, the Mac version of Moonlight PC (based on the Qt framework). On the right, Moonlight macOS.

If you’ve ever researched this, you probably know moonlight pc, an effective solution but not native to the Apple operating system. Moonlight macOS is a fork from Moonlight PC that offers the advantage of being based on the AppKit framework. The interfaces are therefore pleasant and homogeneous with the rest of the system. In practice, the app is compatible with Xbox controllers and allows you to stream up to 4K/144fps.

Setup is pretty straightforward: On Windows, you’ll need to turn on GameStream in the GeForce Experience app. On Mac, download Moonlight macOS and link the program to your PC. Once done, a library of your Mac games appears, which you can launch with a single click.

Fall Guys on a MacBook Air via Moonlight macOS.

After testing for half an hour on a MacBook Air M1 paired with my gaming tower, the experience was smooth and enjoyable. There are a few crashes here and there, but everything works smoothly once played and nothing bothers during games. All Steam titles tested launched and the performance was there. Various resolutions are offered as well as two video codecs (H.264 / H.265). A “Wake up” mode is available to remotely turn on your computer. All in all, an app that can come in handy if you’re on the go but still want to access your PC games.

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