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nvidia Shield or Xbox Series for cloud gaming


Hello everyone,

I would like your experience, preferably from users who have already tried it.
For the bedroom as a retreat when the apartment is too busy, I would like a console.

Unfortunately I’m not sure which one it will be, here are my thoughts:

I will not use Blu-Ray
I’ll want to use Geforce Now (I have the RTX 3080 Founders subscription).
You might be interested in Xbox Pass

Now there is a lot to say about the nvidia Shield, I already have the first generation in my living room, but also a lot about an Xbox Series.
Geforce now also runs on Xbox Series S / or X

With the Xbox Series S I can find used ones for 200-220 euros without any problem.
Ergo it’s not much more expensive than a new shield from nvidia (which is already old)
An Xbox Series X is now available for 499 PVP without any problem, I can have one among friends for 400 euros, 10 days with guarantee.
The S wouldn’t cost much more than the nvidia shield and would have the driver.
But S only handles 2560×1440 (?) via cloud gaming.

Probably don’t need the raw performance but Series X could show 4k, Series S not if I look at Wikipedia comparison
Nvidia would make my life very easy for a new Shield, but the crap hasn’t been updated in a long time ūüėČ And somehow that almost bothers me, because thanks to Geforce I now even have 4k gaming options here.

I really like the controller for the Xbox, I might as well use it for PC.

But I want very quiet consoles, is the Xbox Series S significantly quieter than an X?

Money plays a minor role, it’s just about enjoying the product for a long time and not buying a product now where the successor will be available in 1 or 2 years.

Everyone is excited about Xbox Game Pass, I have several coupon codes here, but I’m not sure if I really need them.

One other thing: The TV in the bedroom has an opening to the wall (dressing room) where the Samsung Connect Box has free HDMI ports, but I’d put the console/shield in the dressing room anyway.
The controller must have sufficient reception through a 26cm wall.
Games: mostly casual games, sports games, something like Tomb Raider, Fall Guys, GTA, car racing or jump & run, beat’n’up, no shooters, (almost) nothing online, only against CPU.
I have a relatively good gaming PC for the office/game room, which is for creating simulations, working, and video editing.
But sometimes I just want to play in peace.

please your opinions Thanks!

Ebenezer Robbins
Ebenezer Robbins
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