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Oculus Quest 2 - AIR LINK feature officially available now or soon!

Oculus Quest 2 – AIR LINK feature officially available now or soon!

Announced on April 15th, the V28 firmware brings many new features that we have detailed and explained to you during our broadcast. ” Oculus Quest 2 LIVE “, Last sunday. The most important one, which only concerns the Oculus Quest 2 at the moment, is theAir link that allows those who have a PC Player strong enough (i5, 1060 at least acceptable) to play your PC virtual reality games without cables connected. This functionality was already possible through a third-party application, Virtual desktop, but you had to pay about fifteen euros to get it.

For this to work, you must have the V28 firmware installed on your helmet and especially the Oculus PC application, also in the final version V28. Until now, only the V28 was available in beta and the latter did not allow to activate the function. Air link. CSo it is with clearly visible impatience that the most passionate Oculus Quest 2 users awaited this update.. Well once they’ve been heard and your wait should end quickly because Andrew Bosworth, Vice President and Director of AR / VR at Facebook, just explained that theAir link is available to everyone today (well, for those who already have V28 in their headphones and on their PC). To activate it in the PC application, go to Settings> Beta> Activate Air Link. In the helmet, this is in settings> Experimental.

For those who, like us tonight, still don’t have the correct feature-enabled version, Andrew Bosworth suggests waiting patiently. For information, in practice deployment can take several days for the unfortunate …

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If you have not yet taken the step, you can enjoy a Oculus Quest 2 on Boulanger, the Fnac, Darty or Amazon from € 349.99.