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OCULUS: update v28 coming soon

OCULUS: update v28 coming soon

Today Oculus announced that the Oculus v28 software update is approaching, bringing a host of new features and updates to the Quest platform.

This is what is coming:
Ability to play virtual reality games for PC on Quest 2 wirelessly with Air Link.
The Oculus Link, released in 2019, has been widely used on the Quest platform, giving people access to Rift’s impressive library of content on Quest, via a gaming PC and compatible cable. Oculus has thought about going one step further, to take full advantage of the power of Quest 2. For this reason, it has been working on a new streaming technology called Oculus Air Link, a completely wireless way to play PC VR content on Quest. 2 using the Wifi. It will launch in Quest 2 in experimental mode and will be available soon.

Work in virtual reality with the new features of Infinite Office.
Infinite Office is a collection of features built into Oculus Home, designed to make VR work more productively and flexibly.

Two new features are coming to the Infinite Office suite:

OR Bring your desktop to virtual reality: soon you will be able to place a virtual desk on your real furniture;

OR Pair your physical keyboard in Quest 2: You can pair your Logitech K830 keyboard with Quest 2 and view a 3D representation of your hands and keyboard within the virtual reality environment for easy text input and system navigation in the home environment.

120Hz support in Quest 2 for ultra-smooth gameplay.
Developers will soon be able to start uploading apps running at native 120Hz to the Oculus Store. Quest 2 users will be able to choose the 120 Hz option via a toggle in the Experimental panel to test supported applications at higher frame rates.