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Odyssey Ark, the giant Samsung 55 monitor for gamers - Samsung

Odyssey Ark, the giant Samsung 55 monitor for gamers – Samsung

Samsung may have announced several curved-panel gaming displays, but the Odyssey Ark we saw at CES 2022 is the most Awesome.

Impressive, not only for its 55 inches but also for its ability to rotate 90 degrees, that is, in portrait mode or in a vertical position. In this case, it will be especially easy for professionals, as it perfectly renders websites, spreadsheets, etc.

In horizontal position, it will undoubtedly completely cover the visible field of gamers who play games such as Flight Simulator or racing simulators as it has an impressive 4K curved panel of Quantum Dot Mini LED technology with a 55-inch diagonal and aspect 16: 9 ratio. The pivot and tilt functions are also supported and, thanks to the flexible base, it can be adjusted in height.

Thanks to the integrated software, there are several multi-view options for users to configure Odyssey Ark in the application or game they play. The screen is also accompanied by a wireless remote control that allows you to adjust the brightness and the user interface, among other things.

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