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Office for iPad now supports mouse and trackpad

Office for iPad now supports mouse and trackpad

Microsoft today provides mouse and trackpad support for Office for iPad apps.Software maker promised We updated the Office iPad OS app earlier this year and the update is now available on the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint App Stores.

With Office for iPad, you can now use the trackpad built into Apple’s Magic Keyboard to navigate text, photos, and other objects in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Cursors are context-sensitive like any other Magic Keyboard app, so you can highlight text in Word, resize images and graphs in PowerPoint, and select multiple cells in Excel. You can do it. This is very similar to using Office on a PC or Mac.

Office for iPad cursor support.
Image: Microsoft

In addition to mouse and trackpad support, Microsoft Addition of Fluent UI To that Office for iPad app. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint all feature a new start screen and a new ribbon for feature menus.

Microsoft also plans to provide Excel with support for multiple documents, a better context menu, and offline file support for cloud files in the coming months. Support for this latest mouse and keyboard started today and “should reach all users within a few weeks.”