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Olympics, variant of Tyrant awaiting resources

Olympics, variant of Tyrant awaiting resources

Lombard’s infrastructure plan for the 2026 Milan-Cortina Winter Olympics is worth 564.7 million. This is at least the calculation estimated by Anas for the works considered practically indispensable, classified based on two orders of priority: the necessary, the most important and the essential.

The aim is to improve the local viability of two Regions, Veneto and Lombardy. The money already allocated is 630 million in total, divided with the Cencelli manual equally between the two territories. The difference is that while IVeneto’s needs are concentrated on a few but crucial roads (mainly the Cortina and Longarone variants), in Lombardy the interventions will be many and fragmented, and should serve to improve long-term viability by taking advantage of the attraction offered by the Winter Games. that promise to solve historical problems.


However, from a financial point of view, some certainties are still lacking. The list indicates in Lombardy the Tirano variant, a work considered “necessary” and recently awarded, whose completion is expected by the end of 2025. The estimated cost is 187.3 million, but the planned resources have not yet been allocated. This is an important road to lighten traffic towards Bormio, and it will be central during the two weeks of the Olympics. The works are expected to last 4 years if they start in late 2021.

The “essential” works in Lombardy are instead a long list of 12 interventions, recovered from old plans already included in the program agreements between the State and Anas. And therefore, in this case, the estimated financing has also been awarded.

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However, 33.8 million are missing for the Trescore-Entratico variant, with an estimated value of 120 million. It is a road considered strategic for the medium distance, on the road from Bergamo to Edolo.