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On Android, an essential update on your smartphone to prevent your conversations from being hacked

On Android, an crucial update on your smartphone to protect against your discussions from becoming hacked

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Cyber ​​researchers have identified a flaw in some smartphones that use the Android working program. If the latter use Mediatek chips, they could be attacked by hackers. La Dépêche du Midi can take stock.

Hackers who can intercept your phone discussions without your knowledge: this is an error to say the the very least troublesome that the security researchers of the specialised site have claimed Handle. According to cyber gurus, interviewed by the site 01.Net, this flaw would affect, between many others, Android smartphones that are powered by a branded phone chip Mediatek.

Several flaws, put conclude to conclusion, would let arbitrary code to be executed on paper in the digital signal processors (DSP) of these electronic chips. Mediatek chips are set up by default in no fewer than 37% of the Android phone fleet.

The bug was noticed in October 2021 – Android has due to the fact fastened these flaws. On the other hand, Android cellphone homeowners must update their phone’s operating software to rule out any dangers. For its part, Android calls its end users to be attentive and invites them to download only the purposes out there on the Perform keep.

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