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One lonely outpost is a farm life simulation in space

One lonely outpost is a farm life simulation in space

If you’re deeply interested in the phrase “robo-cows” like me, did I get the game for you: One Lonely Outpost. From the simple concept of “farm life games, but in space,” developers have spun out unique features and ideas that look like a fascinating little twist on the genre. Fans of Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon are preparing for a release in late 2021, so it’s definitely worth noting as it’s fully equipped with four co-op multiplayer.

Instead of joining an existing community as an outsider, One Lonely Outpost reverses the usual metaphor and lets players move into a new world and find a community. Players and their farms need to be pillars of the community from the beginning, helping them grow into a vibrant, idyllic little town where another game might start. Another big twist on one lonely outpost is “natural” vs. “synthetic” agriculture. Natural crops and animals require more time and effort to grow, but they sell well. With synthetic crops containing spliced ​​genes, and again, RoboCau requires less work, but at a higher risk of being a little wrong or glowing.

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