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OnePlus 9 needs to focus on low prices, not new features


OnePlus 8 Series Camera 1

This week we brought the news to quench your thirst while gasping for the 2021 flagship.After samsung Galaxy S30 The series was discovered in what was called the early rendering, Codename of OnePlus 9 Spilled. The phone, called “lemonade,” is reportedly expected to arrive earlier than usual.

The specific specifications of the Chinese flagship have not been leaked yet, but considering OnePlus already Verified By 2021, faster displays will be available on all models. I wanted to know from the reader what else to include in the new series.

To that end, a recent poll has asked me to choose one of four feature sets that I suspect are on my wishlist. This is the way you answered.

What do you want to see most from the OnePlus 9 series?


Tally was surprisingly one-sided, but it’s understandable that readers are voting with their wallets in mind. That’s why 41.1% of readers don’t care about new features, but want to make the OnePlus 9 series cheaper.

It’s a fair request. surely, OnePlus 8 One of the cheapest flagships in 2020, it debuted for just $ 699, but the OnePlus 8 Pro started at $ 900. on the other hand, OnePlus 8T Launched for $ 750, it adds a higher refresh rate display for the Pro, faster charging than both models, and an additional rear snapper. But that wasn’t a total improvement. In return it shed professional wireless charging support and IP ratings.

OnePlus handsets haven’t yet been retailed at Samsung and Apple’s flagships above $ 1,000, but the company, once renowned for its affordable devices, is breaking into this territory with each new release. I will.

The camera performance of the OnePlus 8T was also below standard.We do this Our review, And it’s a feature set that readers want to improve with the OnePlus 9 series. Approximately 28% of voters want the company’s next flagship product, the “first-class camera.”

“Premium features” are also at the top of the voter’s wish list, with 23.2% choosing that particular option. Users want IP ratings and wireless charging to return to the OnePlus 9 line.

Finally, only 7.3% of users want a flagship “class-leading display,” questioning OnePlus’ focus on display quality and functionality over other practical features. I am.

Judging from the comments, the practical features are exactly what potential buyers want.

This is what you had to say

  • John: Thank you for the small form factor.
  • tjkr: Better camera, smaller form factor, better GPU, and QHD screen in all variations.
    In addition, there is no update bloatware or “later bloatware”.
  • AnySmarterIdRunLinux: Basic function: Large battery. 3.5mm port; ~ 6 inch form factor sdCard. These three things do not require R & D $$ and improve what we have released so far. Then give it SD775 and sell it for $ 599.
  • Ali Afraz |: The OnePlus charm was milked and killed by these 6-month release windows.
  • Pete Armstrong: Samsung and OnePlus are already discussing the next phone call for most people – too much, too early, too expensive!

That’s all for voting for this OnePlus 9 series. Thanks to everyone who voted and commented on this. If you have any additional comments about the OnePlus 9 series, its rumored previous release window, or voting results, be sure to drop them below.

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