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Online mode “Grand Theft Auto 5” Moto helps the week become the king of the roads in Los Santos and Blaine County “Grand Theft Auto 5”


Grand theft auto 5》 Online mode has Motorcycle Week, allowing players to become the king of the roads in Los Santos and Blaine County, including motorcycle jobs, contract missions and challenge rewards, motorcycle jackets free, double salary and more.

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A large number of people is a truth that has not changed since ancient times. In fact, we highly recommend joining a bunch of baddies who smell the same and love American leather and motorcycles. In this way, you will be able to complete the club contract tasks, job and challenges with the motorcycle gang together and earn a lot of money. From now until March 31, previous missions will offer double the reputation value and in-game currency of GTA.

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“Wake of Death” doubles the currency and reputation of the GTA game

If you want the two rounds of racing to be a bit more futuristic and more exciting, maybe you ride on Nagasaki Shotaro dragging lightning to cut the opponent’s path and make them dust, which can bring you moreSpeed ​​pleasure. If this doesn’t appeal to your interest in destroying powerful enemies, listen well, all players who participate in “Death Wake” this week will get double rewards.

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Double the salary of bodyguard and deputy

In modern society, it’s not just the streets that are dangerous. Top executives and powerful people also need protection. Fortunately for them, the security team that joins the organization now acts as a bodyguard or deputy, and will receive a double salary.

  • Sandy Denim Speed ​​Racer Jacket & Matte Red Distressed Short Biker Jacket

  • Speed ​​Race Pebbled Denim Jacket

  • Indigo Denim Speeder Jacket

  • Speed ​​Race Denim Jacket with White Washed Badge

  • Contrast camo denim biker jacket and whitewashed denim biker jacket

  • Black motorcycle jacket

Free Speeder Jacket

If you want to go for a ride with a group of cyclists, you must be decent. This week, all biker coats are free, and it’s a great time to show off your gorgeous leather jackets. Go to the main known clothing stores to enjoy this discount.

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Black Hooded Coat Unlocking Guidelines

Play GTA Online before March 31st and you can get the Code Black Hoodie for free. Wear it and declare your perseverance, brand loyalty and liking to those around you.


Players who want to show off their skills this week should take advantage of this week’s Rider Clubs, Club Upgrades, and discounts on mod items. In addition to the necessary hardware installations, don’t forget the necessary equipment – all slide coats are free and 40% off a number of motorcycles, tricycles, and other cars.

  • 15% discount for motorcycle clubs

  • 15% discount on motorcycle club upgrade projects and modification projects

  • Yue Rokuori Shotaro Nagasaki

  • 40% discount McMaster Manchez Reconnaissance

  • On the right

  • 40% discount on Rage Rocket

  • 40% off Nagasaki Freelander

  • 40% discount on Dinka armored fighting vehicles

  • 40% discount on Bifu Raptor

  • 40% off Nagasaki Light Pole

Prime Gaming rewards and benefits

GTA Online players who have successfully connected their Rockstar Games and Prime Gaming Social Club account will get a free probe station for the Xoraka Submarine and 200,000 GTA Play Coins when they log in this week.

Additionally, Prime Gaming members can also enjoy exclusive discounts, including a 25% discount for Flying Bird helicopters and Klocanya Visa submarines, and a 20% discount for Sea Breeze Amphibians.

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