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only for true fans

only for true fans

You know all the episodes, jokes and quotes by heart The Walking Dead And now, after moving from the comic to the TV series, would you like to know something more about the game that was made from it? Well, welcome aboard. Know that we are very well informed on the subject. In order not to keep you alert, we can now confirm that there is something for all tastes, from video games to boxed games that, as you well know, enrich the universe created by Robert Kirkman, the well-known American cartoonist who gave life to his initial project, which later ending the comic book saga is also nearing the end of the famous TV series (we are now in the eleventh season, not counting the spin-off Fear of the walking dead). Can these technological and playful innovations also involve you in the same way? In our opinion, yes, and after a short time you won’t be able to do without it!

The online game of The Walking Dead on tablets and smartphones

Just a simple gesture to download and play The Walking Dead on the mobile phone screen. Did you know that the interactive game of the popular American saga is also available for the main models of smartphones, tablets and mobile devices? Also in this case the offer is very rich and wide and, in most cases, they are programs with excellent workmanship and high quality. The last one, in chronological order, is titled The Walking Dead: Survivors, and it was released a few weeks ago, with some advance regarding the rumors – which circulated insistently in recent months – that spoke of mid-summer as the most likely period for the launch of the video game. And instead Skybound Games and the Chinese publisher Elex have been ahead of the growing expectations for the latest season of the popular television series.

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In short, after this necessary premise, we imagine that you will be willing to put on the shoes of Lee Everett and the other protagonists of the saga. From the very beginning of the game, you will have at your disposal the main characters of the entire franchise. The Living Dead. Of course, protagonist Rick Grimes will make an appearance, armed with a shotgun, ax, and ever-increasing damage abilities. During the presentation, however, Elex had already reiterated the intention to add other survivors, divided into combat and development classes. From Glen (who is more focused on defense) to Beta (whose abilities can trigger additional attack damage) to Maggie (her abilities increase production rate and speed) and medic Hershel (can increase healing speed and hospital capacity).

To start downloading this game, simply log into Google Play or Apple Store and go to the reference page of the application. The operation of the game is guaranteed on all mobile devices and on the respective operating systems but, to avoid any possible problems, we recommend that you inform yourself well before proceeding with the operation.

The Walking Dead, here is the game in Italian for PC, PS4 and more

From the comic to the small screen, to the debut in the world of video games. the rise of The Walking Dead it’s there for all to see, and it’s no coincidence that we’re already talking about a second spin-off and (at least) a movie that should see the light of day in the next few years. The project is already in process and the discussions between producers and actors seem to be well under way. Certainly, however, the “main” TV series is coming to an end. For now. In short, probably what we will see next August on the small screen will not be Andrew Lincoln’s last goodbye to the character of Rick Grimes, but just a goodbye. But for the next step we will have to wait a little longer, and it is not certain that the project will be carried out. As good fans of the series we can only hope. And in the meantime, play!

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Four chapters, for more than a hundred missions and adventures: they are titled The Walking Dead Season 1, The Walking Dead Season 2, The Walking Dead, a new frontier me The Walking Dead The Final Season the video games that have been released so far, to which is added a spin-off called Michionne from The Walking Dead. In all cases, it is about video games in Italian. Are you ready to lift the joystick to play? The Walking Dead? As you can well imagine, all the games that are currently marketed are based on a plot that follows in all respects the stories published a few years ago by Robert Kirkman. If you don’t have the Playstation 4, you don’t have to worry. These titles, in fact, are also available for purchase on PC, Xbox One, and recently on Nintendo Switch. We suggest that you start with the first one and then try the sequels.

In games released in recent years by Telltale Games, the figure of Lee Everett (not present in the comic) is central. He is a condemned criminal, who has been given a second chance at life: in a world devastated by the undead, with corpses and dead ready to come back to life, he will have to protect Clementine, an orphan girl who, like The hours pass by game, find more and more space within the narrative. It is no coincidence that among the experts there are already those who risk, in the future, a leading role in this appreciated “parallel” character of The Walking Dead. Who knows, we’ll see.

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If you expected the fifth season of the game The Walking Deadinstead, you may be disappointed. As stated a few months ago by those responsible for Skybound Games, in fact, the development of a new video game does not seem to be around the corner. And you may not even realize it. In fact, in mid-2020, Skybound Entertainment extinguished, with a simple tweet, the enthusiasm of millions of fans present around the world: “Thank you to the fans who contacted us these days! your enthusiasm for the saga TWD from Telltale, at the moment we have no plans for a season 5. “But we haven’t stopped dreaming since then … If you’re still waiting, you can start following this important American company on social media. They are very active and surprising “For the fans, never fail.

The Walking Dead Monopoly: Find out all the news about the well-known board game

Play Monopoly with the characters, stories, and quirks from The Walking Dead instead of Victory Park and other traditional references. Well yes, if you want to surprise your friends, at the end of the next weekly dinner we suggest that you bring to the table the most famous board game in the world in its original version to say the least. On the other hand, a saga of such worldwide success will also deserve the look of companies that operate in the leisure and entertainment sector, don’t you think? Hence the idea of ​​proposing a revised version of a great classic that, after many years, is still able to attract and gather a large number of fans.

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