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OnlyOffice: the open source office suite migrates Google workspaces


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The free and open source office suite OnlyOffice and its online version OnlyOffice Workspace are now also migrating data from Google workspaces. This requires the latest version of OnlyOffice 7.1 for Windows, macOS, and Linux, as well as the latest OnlyOffice Workspace 12.0 online solution update.

Data can pass from Google to OnlyOffice

As OnlyOffice developers announced in a detailed post on the company’s blog, OnlyOffice Workspace 12.0 internal collaboration platform and OnlyOffice Docs 7.1 text editing have now been extensively extended and are working together. google workspace together.

OnlyOffice Workspace now also migrates data from Google Workspaces
OnlyOffice Workspace now also migrates data from Google Workspaces (Image: OnlyOffice)

The developers explain in a comprehensive explanation why users should migrate their data from Google Workspaces, formerly known as G Suite, to OnlyOffice Workspace 12.0 and how it works. Guide:

  • Google Workspace is a proprietary software solution. Its source code is closed to the public, so no one except Google programmers knows how it actually works and how it treats your data.
  • Google Workspace is completely cloud-based. Google doesn’t give you the freedom to host your data on your local server, so you have to keep everything in the cloud, which leads to privacy issues.
  • Google Workspace encryption is not reliable. Server-side file encryption does not guarantee strong security because Google can access all encryption keys.
  • Google Workspace lacks some important features. It does not allow you to create projects and manage your company’s relationships and interactions with customers, so you may need to use third-party software for these purposes.
  • Google Workspace is not available for free. Their plans start from $6 per user per month, so you should be ready to spend your money if you plan to stick with Google Workspace after your 14-day free trial expires.

Office Workspace 12.0 only

OnlyOffice Workspace is a self-hosted online office with collaborative editors for editable text documents, spreadsheets, presentations and forms, as well as a range of productivity tools.

Office Workspace 12.0 only
OnlyOffice Workspace 12.0 (Image: OnlyOffice)
Office Workspace 12.0 only
OnlyOffice Workspace 12.0 (Image: OnlyOffice)

Thanks to CardDAV-Address books should allow for more efficient management of teams, while the calendar function, project planner and reports should make it easier to work in the community.

All OnlyOffice code is below FPFA v3 on the development platform GitHub visible.

Apple ID, Microsoft account and CRM system

The creators of OnlyOffice see their online office as an advantage over Google’s workspace and, for example, use strong end-to-end encryption, a CRM system, and full compatibility with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

  • The source code is publicly available on GitHub under the AGPL v3 license;
  • Cloud-based and self-hosted deployment models with different installation options;
  • Encryption at rest and in transit, as well as end-to-end encryption for secure document collaboration in private rooms;
  • Integrated CRM module and project management functions;
  • More sharing permissions, for example, form filling and custom filters for spreadsheets;
  • Full compatibility with Word, Excel and PowerPoint files;
  • More advanced fillable forms;
  • Free desktop apps for Windows, Linux, and macOS + free mobile apps for iOS and Android;
  • Free rate plan for small teams of up to 5 users in the cloud and a free self-hosted version, Community Edition;
  • Pricing model based on the number of users and a 30-day free trial for commercial versions.

Office Workspace 12.0 only

Office Workspace 12.0 only
Office Workspace 12.0 only
Office Workspace 12.0 only
OnlyOffice Workspace 12.0 (Image: OnlyOffice)

Additionally, OnlyOffice users can now connect their Apple ID or Microsoft account to OnlyOffice Workspace 12.0 to log in to the portal. The latest update also adds IMAP synchronization for mail, backs up the mail server database, and adds native support for the ARM64 architecture.

OnlyOffice Workspace 12.0 Community Edition is free for small teams of up to 5 members and can be hosted on your own server. There are rates for business customers starting at $5 per user per month to choose from, which can be combined with other OnlyOffice office, cloud and server solutions.

OnlyOffice 7.1 and OnlyOffice Workspace 12.0 also support the integration of services such as Nextcloud, ownCloud, Confluence and Microsoft SharePoint.

The officer provides more information OnlyOffice website Y OnlyOffice workspace.

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