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"Onslaught": Solaredge and SMA Solar in "extremely strong" state of emergency due to Putin

“Onslaught”: Solaredge and SMA Solar in “extremely strong” state of emergency due to Putin

Solar module vendors are being overwhelmed: demand has never been higher. As reported, 25 percent of households want to switch to solar power. The state of emergency at two large solar portals shows that the Germans are already in the midst of a spending spree.


“Too strong”

Solar mail-order company photovoltaik4all now writes: “The race to PV systems and affordable, green solar power from your own roof is in full swing.” Reason: Electricity prices and other energy costs are exploding. The result is that you are “extremely” patronized.

“Lots out of stock”

Furthermore, at there are not enough modules and inverters from manufacturers such as SMA and Solaredge available. Here it says on the home page: “Due to the current extraordinarily high demand, a large number of our items are out of stock.” However: “All items are in the supply.” Despite a maximum of additional work, it is currently not possible to process all queries promptly.

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