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Open House at BIGS Gaming: "Fit for care" in Gaming

Open House at BIGS Gaming: “Fit for care” in Gaming

At the open house, BIGS Gaming provided information on the different training foci.

GAMING. “In general, there are 3 types of schools at BIGS Gaming”, says student Tanyel Vardan and specifies:
“In the 5-year HLSP, you graduate with Matura and, depending on the branch, you are either a qualified social worker or a nursing assistant.
In the course of training at the 3-year technical school for social professions, you can complete training as a domestic helper, daycare worker or childcare worker.
In addition to basic economics training, it also provides the foundation for attending the 2-year school for social work professions.
This, in turn, trains specialized and qualified social workers to work with the elderly and disabled”.

“Our school is unique in the district for the training it offers and therefore makes its contribution to the social and health sector in the region,” says Principal Barbara Heigl, proud of “her” BIGS.
The representatives of the parents, Claudia and Herbert Masek, especially highlight “the extremely family atmosphere” of the school.

Katharina Hahn and Bianca Heidenreichsberger are interested in working in a healthcare profession and are therefore inquiring about training opportunities at the HLSP.
Sarah Hirner and Marlies Heindl are also interested in working in a social profession.

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