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Opera announces the beta of the new Crypto Browser Project

Opera focuses on the world of cryptocurrencies by announcing the launch of the beta version of the new Crypto Browser Project. It is a web browser that aims to offer a simpler, faster and more private Web3 experience by providing useful tools for the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

The new beta of Opera’s Crypto Browser Project is now available

Opera Cryptographic Browser Project is available in both desktop version, on devices Windows me Mac OS, which through mobile devices with operating system Android. Please note that an iOS version of the new browser will also be coming in the future.

The new beta version, Opera underlines, is aimed in particular at crypto-natives and crypto-curious and aims to put Web3 at the forefront of the browsing experience, making it ever easier to navigate decentralized apps, games and platforms for the metaverse.

There is also the crypto Corner, a space dedicated to the world of cryptocurrencies. Please note that the browser integrates all of Opera’s security and privacy features. For more details about the project you can consult the Official site of the opera.

The company comment

Jorgen Arnesen, Executive Vice President Mobile at Opera, declares: “Interest in Web3 continues to grow, but none of the existing web browsing experiences offered today are designed to create a seamless and secure user experience on the decentralized web. Opera’s Crypto Browser project promises users a simpler, faster and more private Web3 experience“.