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OTD 1999: Mets defeats Reds to advance to NLDS


The 1999 season was one of the ups and downs for Mets.

They got off to a good start, with an April record of 14-9, but a May record of 13-15. They drank water in late May and lost eight straight games from May 28th to June 5th.

Mets was able to turn the season around after Sunday Night Baseball won 7-2 at Yankee Stadium on June 6. By the end of July, they were only half behind Division Lead’s Braves. By September 19, Mets had three matches to Turner Field, one match behind Atlanta. Chipper Jones And the company.

As was commonly seen in the 1990s (and to some extent to this day), the series didn’t work for metropolitans. The Braves swept Mets, and New York swept Philadelphia in the next series.

After losing six straight games, the Mets returned to Shea to play the Braves again. Atlanta took two of the three and Mets was on the verge of losing after the season. The division is from Atlanta, and Mets found two games behind the Reds in the wildcard spot and played three games.

Pirates came to Shea last weekend, and Mets wiped out Bucks and played their part.

The Reds were in Milwaukee, and the Brewers benefited Mets by robbing Cincinnati of two of the three. The Reds won the last game to force Thailand, a game that started six hours late due to rain.

The Mets and Reds were tied on the final ticket of the postseason and had to break the tie in the playoffs of one match in Cincinnati on October 4.

Alhead Takes the New York mound against the Reds (12-12 enters the game) Steve Paris (Enter 11-3 game). Mets fans favored Agita, Rickey Henderson And Edgardo Alfonzo At the top of the first inning, we took a step towards reducing the need for Marlox.

Henderson released a single and Alfonzo released a home run. Mets immediately led 2-0 and was about to win 5-0. Henderson will later hit his own home run, and Alfonso will add another RBI to support the complete game of Rater, a two-hit, seven-strikeout shutout.

You can see some of the game highlights in the video below.

Mets was on his way to Arizona for NLDS. NLDS Todd Pratt Goodbye home run in Game 4. Mets’ fate deteriorated in the NLCS and lost to the Braves in six games.The last match Kenny Rogers..

The 1999 and 2000 seasons were the first time Mets had appeared in the postseason in a row.They were an energetic, cunning and fun team Bobby Valentine Take control, and Mike Piazza, Robin Ventura, John Orlud (1999 only), and Alfonzo led the attack.

In 1999, Mets, Alfonzo, Rey Ordonez, And Ventura.

1999 Mets Uchino’s 1999 Sports Illustrated Cover

It’s great to see Mets establish defense (both infield and outfield) as a priority for the 2021 season. As we saw in 1999, defense is important.

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