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Our 10 best virtual reality video games of the year!

Our 10 best virtual reality video games of the year!

This week, and more precisely this end of the year 2020, is a “VR the Future” something special that we are offering you here, since VR Singe, our specialist in Virtual Reality, has carried out a mission entirely dedicated to the best titles of the year according to your criteria, and that we are broader. Here are the 10 best VR games of the year on Gameblog!

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What is the title that most attracted you and in terms of virtual reality this year 2020? This is precisely what was supported by VR Singe, thus establishing a Top 10 of the best virtual reality games (whatever the machine), in which he had a great time!

Obviously, we won’t reveal anything here, but we’ll give you plenty of time to find out who number ONE is, by clicking the “Play” button on this latest video of the year!

As we say back home, ENJOUAILLEZ and next year!

Note that you can also (must!) Find the host of the show, VR Monkey, on his Gameblog, or they are remarkably complete, let’s play and even longer than in the show.

Feel free to give us your thoughts on this meeting in the comments!

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