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Our Cyberpunk Red real play concludes its first story arc

Our Cyberpunk Pink authentic play concludes its initial tale arc

To get hoopla for the release of Cyberpunk 2077, the Polygon online video staff has been enjoying the Cyberpunk Purple TTRPG, and the summary of the first tale arc, “Ring Box,” is now stay.

Burger Chainz, Vang0 Bang0, and Dapper Dasha are tasked with obtaining the perpetrator of a petty theft at a makeup warehouse — a straightforward task challenging by Vang0’s own emotions towards the possible robbers. The make-up artists and streamers of M House are all suspects, and it’s up to our 3 sort-of heroes to discover the actual thief … or at minimum anyone plausible enough to be the perpetrator.

With a strategy in hand, the gang ought to influence warehouse guard Edgar that the security camera malfunction was a uncomplicated hack occupation and not a essential flaw in their technological know-how. If that weren’t difficult sufficient, Burger, Vang0, Dasha are known as into the boss’s place of work the abundant and effective better-ups at HarpCo Stability Business want to hear for on their own what the gang uncovered.

Will our heroes influence HarpCo they’re on the degree, or will they bumble into the wrath of one particular of Evening City’s largest stability providers? View the latest episode to see the tense conclusion of “Ring Box,” or click the online video underneath to start off at the 1st, stand-alone-episode!