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Overcome the demo barrier and discover these amazing bosses


Last week, the most impatient players were able to participate in two test sessions to Elden Ring. The lucky ones were given even more privileged access, allowing them to explore From Software’s new open world before anyone else. The developers had raised a barrier, which was quickly overcome by a technical problem.

test sessions for the lucky ones

Next february should come out Elden Ring, an upcoming game from FromSoftware and especially Hidetaka Miyazaki, the creator of Souls. A game that could benefit from l’expertise by George RR Martin, the author of the Iron Throne, and that was presented upstream at the end of the “Closed Network Test” sessions. During these two relatively short periods, the lucky ones were able to discover this world a few months before its official launch.

To limit the playing area, the developers had set up a virtual barrier. An edge is supposed to keep players in a restricted area to limit the content available in this demo. Nevertheless, smart kids have found a glitch to get rid of it.

a play area closed to the public

Once this barrier was overcome, these skilled players were able to discover new content and, above all, supposedly inaccessible. Several hours of content that was not meant to be publicly available, enough to raise a lot of eyebrows. And the discoveries? Bosses? Objects and other references? Well, the AllisonByProxy YouTube channel didn’t stop exploring this new playground for as much information as possible.

Through a series of videos, the player in question shared his many discoveries. New areas with new stages that obviously contained new enemies ready for battle. But of course, Elden Ring clings in particular to the saga of Souls thanks to your bosses. This demo had 11 in total, which some of the biggest players managed to exterminate in less than 25 minutes.

an angry bear

While exploring this new game area, the player in question has managed to cross the path of two new bosses, a bear-like mini-boss with huge claws and a certain “Crucible Knight Floh”, a real boss who, unfortunately, does not carry, even though music is playing and your life bar is displayed. A boss that players believe is crucial to the story of this Elden Ring, and that it might as well have been featured in a trailer, possibly at the Summer Game Fest.

Two unprecedented encounters that will be possible thanks to the final version ofElden Ring, now scheduled for February 25, 2022. For your part, are you planning to buy the next FromSoftware? Feel free to reply to us via the survey below and via the comment section.

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