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Pan Card Lost Download E Pan Card Online

Pan Card Lost Download E Pan Card Online

Permanent Account Number (PAN) Pan card One of the most important identity cards nationwide. The PAN card is essential for those who carry out many transactions in banks. Don’t worry if you unfortunately lose your PAN card. The PAN card can be recovered online. If you have lost your PAN card, you can retrieve your PAN card from the official website of the National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL), which issues PAN cards. If you need your PAN card for any urgent work, NSDL offers the facility that you can simply download the electronic PAN card or e-PAN.

This is how you get an e-pan online
Step 1: To download the e-PAN card online, you can contact UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Ltd. Visit the official website.

Step 2: Select the option ‘PAN card services’.

Step 3: After clicking, you will be redirected to another web page. Click on ‘Download e-Pan’.

Step 4: Enter your PAN card details on the following web page.

Step 5: Enter your personal information, such as your date of birth. You can also enter your GSTIN number.

Step 6: Submit the captcha details and verify your details.

Step 7: Now, you will receive a link in your registered email id and phone number

Step 8: Now you will get a link in your email id, registered phone number. OTP comes to verify your email id, registered phone number. OTP must be entered. Your e-PAN card will be downloaded after entering OTP.

Note: You must be registered with your phone’s PAN card to get your e-PAN card. You only get e-PAN three times a month from the official website.

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