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Paperwork is about to be born - PC, Petums - News

Paperwork is about to be born – PC, Petums – News

As a development that couldn’t be more low-key, Papetura’s release is about to go quietly, while delicately on May 7 on PC and Mac. So we thought maybe it was time to tell you about this adventure game fully. drawn, cut, folded and glued on standard 80g paper (but with some bits of wire, LEDs and other pliers. Bedding to keep this whole architectural ensemble in place and make cute stop-motion animations).

In an environment that will bring back fond memories to fans of Amanita Design productions, Papetura invites you to go on an adventure with the duo Pape and Tura who will have to fight against the forces of evil determined to burn their little paper world.

The only Polish developer promises us a mix of point and click / puzzle with simple narrative puzzles and, above all, memorable moments in a universe for the less original. Quality assurance, the official composer of the Czech artist collective Floex is invited to the soundtrack of the game. available to listen. While you wait for its release, we let you discover the mountain of taf behind the game through the little making-of below.

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