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Paranormal Hunter, le jeu d’horreur coop se dévoile sur PC VR, PS4 et PS5

Paranormal Hunter, the cooperative horror game is presented on PC VR, PS4 and PS5

It was during UploadVR’s exhibition this winter of 2021 that Paranormal Hunter was announced. Scheduled for PC and consoles for 2022, this 4-player cooperative horror game will be fully playable in virtual reality …

Developed by veterans who have worked on games in particular Shenmue and Shin Megami Tensei, only that ; Paranormal Hunter a bit of the codes of the very popular Phasmophobia. Playable for 4 in cooperation, this one will be inspired by Japanese folklore and horror movies. while players will have to hunt spirits using, for example, ancient artifacts.

We are talking first of all here about a “flat” game, which is therefore played on a PC without a VR headset, and which will also be available on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5. The VR version will be available for PC players and will be playable in cross-play with “flat” players. There is no indication of any PSVR version to date, but we can at least hope that this will happen thanks to the PS5’s future next-gen headsets., nicknamed at the moment the “PSVR 2”. Cross our fingers !

Paranormal Hunter will launch for early access in Q2 2022 for $ 14.99 (approximately € 14.99); and probably later for the Switch, PS4 and PS5 versions; that is, when game development is well underway and PC Early Access ends. You are interested Paranormal Hunter ? Have you ever played Phasmophobia ? Feel free to tell us all that in the comments of this article. We leave you with the game trailer with a little air of Resident Evil 7, You can not find?