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Part-time jobs during your studies and what games have to do with them

Part-time jobs during your studies and what games have to do with them

After the shift was over, Renée cleaned the frozen yogurt shop, locked the cash register, and hid the key in the usual place. Since there was no money in this until the next day, her superiors informed her that she was obviously the culprit as the last worker on the plan. Therefore, the money will be deducted directly from your next monthly salary.

Bittersüsse Frozen Yogurts

In addition to the false accusation, there were also hygienic (yogurt machine) and human chasms (“It’s not like ice cream, my son doesn’t like it, I want my money back!”) Chasms for Renée. She describes this student work as the stupidest job she has ever done.

Various jobs for students

However, student jobs often give you insight into a wide variety of job fields in a short amount of time. For example, I once replaced German labels with Hungarian ones in a medical products company because the composition of the liquid was no longer allowed in Germany, but it was allowed in Hungary.

At the grocery store, she had to put the products on the shelves several times a day. Even today I feel guilty when I take a product off a shelf that has obviously just been prepared by the employees. Finally, in the nursing home, I joked with the residents and regularly smeared an old woman with Kukident on her teeth.

Games of the past …

For my most recent job, I now play video games. I am taking guided tours of a museum that is currently showing an interactive exhibition on the theme “Games”. For a long time it was clear to me that video games are not simply a cause for fuss, as uninformed politicians claim. But only now have I learned that the first arcade games were colored with cling film on the machines and that the games were originally planned as a family activity.

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… and today

I myself am an inexperienced gamer. With “Mario Kart” I keep pushing the limits and if I don’t get anywhere right away, I quickly lose my patience. But in the museum we also have three virtual reality glasses and I think they are really good. In a game you have to cut colored cubes to the beat of the music. In another you can paint in three-dimensional space. And then there’s a game from the future that no one has to work on anymore: In a robot-operated working museum, you can recreate a wide variety of professions. The frozen yogurt vendor is not among them.