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Pascal – Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wiki Information

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This Pascal tutorial will clarify every thing about the purple otter, from his like of Scallops to what you can do to get him to seem. Pascal is a character that visits in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as of the 1.3. update.

Pascal is a crimson otter that certainly enjoys Scallops. If you obtain a Scallop, he’ll look in the sea close by, asking you to trade for a further item. It really is not but clear if Pascal will present up many occasions a day yet, but typically he’ll show up at least once a working day whenever you come across a Scallop although diving.

Just after you’ve bought the Moist Go well with, you are going to be able to dive into the ocean, where by you will uncover Scallops. They can be discovered year-round and all day, but it might take a while to find your very first one. Be individual!

When you nab your initially Scallop, you are going to see Pascal pop up in the background, asking if you want to trade. Take, and he’ll give you one of the items down below, as effectively as an… inspirational estimate?

From there, Pascal will demonstrate up at minimum at the time a day when you locate a Scallop to trade.

It can be tempting to trade every single Scallop you have to Pascal, but make certain to hold on to one particular to fill out your Musuem!


Providing Pascal Scallops will have him investing you one particular of the adhering to products in return: