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Patent dispute: Nokia wins against Oppo and OnePlus

Patent dispute: Nokia wins against Oppo and OnePlus

Nokia has won a patent battle against rivals Oppo and OnePlus. This may have drastic consequences for Chinese mobile phone manufacturers in this country.

The Chinese companies Oppo and OnePlus are threatened with a sales ban in Germany. The Mannheim district court on Tuesday upheld a lawsuit by the Finnish group Nokia.

The court found it proven that competitors Oppo and OnePlus are illegally selling their smartphones without the necessary license of Nokia’s patents, according to an official statement from Nokia.

At the request of t-online, the Mannheim district court announced: Chinese companies violated standard essential patents (SEP). These are the ones that protect uniform standards and therefore users – in this case mobile phone manufacturers – must inevitably use them.

The patent owner has the exclusive right to this technology and may prohibit its use or license it to third parties under certain terms.

Oppo does not want to accept the license terms

This case is specifically about protected technology that allows smartphones to communicate with radio antennas. Without these, modern mobile phones would not be able to dial out and use the LTE and 5G network.

However, neither Oppo nor OnePlus were willing to accept the conditions presented by Nokia and comply with the terms of the license. According to Nokia: “Despite extensive negotiations, Oppo has refused to acquire a license on fair terms and has rejected proposals to resolve the dispute.”