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Patricia presents Sheila Ford Hump with a game ball

Patricia presents Sheila Ford Hump with a game ball

Sheila Ford Hamp, the new owner of the Detroit Lions, participated in a practice session at the Allen Park practice facility in Detroit on Friday.

Following the team’s stretch, Patricia gathered a group around Ford Hump and presented a game ball to commemorate her first victory as an owner.

“Based on what I saw, it was very meaningful to her,” Kerion Johnson said in a video conference on Friday. “But she’s the same as us. She wants more, and we want more, and we’re trying to give her as much football as she can handle. It seems that I played Arizona three months ago because of the goodbye week and the games in between-at COVID, everything is 10 times slower, so I’m trying to stack up and give her a little more. “

The online response to the presentation didn’t go very well. Supporters wondered why Patricia chose to present the game ball in a public way after losing.

Supporters are also familiar with former head coaches who were showering the Ford family with as much praise as possible to keep their work going.

And it worked.

The Ford family has been known for years of holding ineffective Lions staff.

Matt Millen’s contract extension is still a headache.

Ford Hump is currently tasked with trying to turn around the fate of one of the worst franchises in sports history.

After a late start to the 2020 season, attention is focused on Matt Patricia’s head coach taking a 1-3 football team to Jacksonville, Florida to play against Jaguar.

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Patricia and Co. are aware of what’s wrong if they don’t win in the next few performances.

Do you think Patricia’s gesture was real, or did you try to save his work with a brown nose?

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