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Pavel Durov: Apple is turning its tech user into a digital slave

Reuters Albert Gea

Founder of “Telegram” Pavel Durov

Telegram founder Pavel Durov announced that the technologies used by “Apple” are turning its users into digital slaves.

This was stated in his blog on the “Telegram” channel. He explained that “owning an iPhone” makes you a digital slave to “Apple”, since “Apple” allows you to use applications that are then installed through its own application store, and you can use Apple iCloud only to back up your data. .

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He added that the 60-hertz iPhone screens can’t compete with the 120-hertz version of Android screens that support smoother animation. He said, “Every time I have to use my iPhone to test our application on iOS, I feel like I’m going back to the Middle Ages.”

On Monday, May 17, the New York Times published an article about the alleged concessions that Apple CEO Tim Cook made to the Chinese government in the field of user data security.

The article highlights the “concessions” Cook had to make to do business in China. Among them, the newspaper mentioned that the encryption technology was rejected after the government of the People’s Republic of China banned its use.

Commenting on an article in The New York Times, Dorov stated that big tech companies often prefer profit to freedom.

Dorov had previously criticized Apple for the 30% commission the company receives from app developers. He also urged users to switch from iOS to Android to maintain access to information.

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Source: TASS