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PC port receives ray tracing

PC port receives ray tracing

If you still have Super mario 64 With laser tracking I wanted to try it, because it was definitely your childhood dream, now it is possible! Who would have thought? But as it is currently becoming a small trend, ancient games with ray tracing It is not a big surprise in the end.

The update refers to the Port Mario 64 for PC, which appeared on the net about a year ago. Since the unofficial release of this port, there have been several modifications that support the Update program code. Including a mod for 4K textures, a breakthrough for 60 FPS and much more like Game optimizations. Ultimately, a new modding fire is kindled that is burning in the Nintendo community.

Super Mario 64 Gets Ray Traced

So we’ve reached the point where ray tracing specialists step in. If your graphics card supports ray tracing, you can now marvel at this technology in veteran 3D Mario.

Just load the mod sm64rt developed by DarioSamo. He comments:

“You can try them now. But consider that this is a very early version. “

As this is a first version, we still have visual and performance issues to resolve. But this does not affect the whole. The phenomenal it looks like in practice can be seen here in the video:

Dario wrote on Twitter that he wanted to see how many people would be interested in the project before finishing the mod. Explain to Digital Foundry that individual light sources were manually inserted to make dynamic lights a reality. In the end, this means that the sun is now “a true source of light.” The same goes for torches on buildings. On top of that, there are new types of shadows and reflections that complement the ray tracing package.

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