Paradox Interactive today announced in a press release PDXCON 2022, an upcoming celebration of the global Paradox community. Returning as a physical event after last year’s digital-only PDXCON Remixed, this year’s convention will take place the weekend of September 2-3, 2022 in the publisher’s hometown of Stockholm.

PDXCON will feature exclusive activities and experiences for attendees, including the opportunity to play Victoria 3, the highly anticipated new strategy game from Paradox Development Studio.

This year’s PDXCON offers several exclusive experiences for Paradox fans, including hands-on games with Paradox developers, live musical performances from popular Paradox soundtracks, a massive live-action “megagame” developed exclusively for PDXCON, and many more activities, according to the announcement. .

PDXCON 2022 Announcement Trailer

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