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Performer Evgenya Redko: “I feel that with each song or project I demand more of myself”


We are talking with performer Evgenya Redko about the intriguing new album, as well as something without which creation is impossible and how smart technologies make life easier even for representatives of the music world.

So what does a famous music artist’s day look like up close? What do you have to do in a day, especially in preparation for the release of a new album?

One day depends a lot on what I am doing at that particular stage of my life. If it is a creative process, for example, writing songs, the days will look the same, the environment will need more peace, quiet time, to be alone. On days like these, you must eliminate all distractions and listen to what is really boiling over or building up inside you. If there are song recordings, of course I spend the whole day in the studio. It is during this period that the aforementioned stages have passed and preparations are underway for the release of my next single along with the clip “Ocean” and the release of the second album.

Again, the days look quite different, but lately I’ve had to do more things like finishing the album cover, press issues for the physical album, interviews, finishing the video clip. I also have more active days away from home: dance training, photo shoots, and most recently intensive video shooting.

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What are the challenges or challenges of the life of a musical artist? Or requiring the greatest effort, wish?

I love what I do and in general everything that has to do with the creative process. I feel that with each song or project, I demand more and more of myself. I find it very easy for me to immerse myself in work – I can work from morning to night, sometimes it’s really hard to break away from that and spend time away from music or creativity. On the other hand, I noticed something interesting: recreation for creativity is also important enough. To generate new thoughts or ideas. Most of the time, inspiration comes totally unexpected and in a calm or restful state.

Without what rituals (habits, hobbies) does not a single day of the performer spend even in intensive preparation for the release of a new album?

Each of my mornings begins with exercise and breathing exercises because after sleeping it is very important to move my body. I am also a hobbyist who dedicates as much of the East as possible to himself, making plans, concentrating, thinking about what awaits him in the course of the day. Of course, every morning is not without coffee, or more precisely, without two or three cups.

Does smart technology, from a smartphone, a smartwatch to a cordless headset, save you from a busy day?

Obviously, we live in times when we cannot survive a single day without communication through video calls or messaging, without social media. I myself personally use the phone to collect song lyrics and write new ideas or even phrases. It also wouldn’t survive without a voice recording app on the phone. For me, this is one of the most important features. When a melody is born, I always record it, as well as all my rehearsals or piano works, singing sessions.

Do you have to use wireless headphones often? Which of its functions are the most important?

I usually listen to music while doing sports. I also like to listen to demos or finished versions of my songs, it is very interesting to listen to them in a different environment than through monitors in the studio. Almost all the characteristics of a wireless headset are important to me: the absence of cables, clear, high-quality sound, and the suppression of ambient noise. Comfort is also very important, especially to keep them moving or exercising. A big plus is when the design of the headphones looks sleek.

What is the experience and experience of using a Huawei FreeBuds 4i headset?

Headphone impressions after an active day are only positive. I was pleasantly surprised by its sound quality and the features and convenience of the headphones themselves. During the day that I listened to the songs on my next album, I really enjoyed the exceptional sound quality. I immediately noticed that the bass sounds very clear, transparent and strong, which turned out to be quite impressive and unexpected with such a small, palm-sized device.

Also, when using these headphones, I had to try awareness mode for the first time, when it is possible to listen to music and hear what is happening at the same time. I think this is a great advantage, because I feel much safer walking down the street, listening to music and at the same time listening to the environment.

Are there situations during the day when you want to escape the noise and throb with your thoughts or you just don’t hear your surroundings anymore? Did Huawei’s headphones help in those moments too?

The noise reduction function is very useful when traveling between different places during the day. Especially in a taxi when the driver is listening to music at the time and I just want to distance myself from noise and ambient sounds. Also, while doing makeup in preparation for the photoshoot, this feature helped me distance myself from strange sounds, focus, and just listen to music.

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