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Persona 5 Strikers Game Review (PS4, Switch, PC)


Still haven’t had enough of what Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal have to offer? Well here’s another chance to revisit the universe of the original, in the Strikers chapter!

Thanks to SEGA who provided us with a free copy of the game for media coverage and testing. Therefore, the publisher / developer authorizes us to distribute and / or use extracts of the game for our production needs and does not intervene in any way in the attribution of the final grade. # Article13Free

New immersion in known water

In this title we continue the story of Phantom thieves of the heart (phantom thieves). It all takes place six months after the events of Person 5 Royal. Once the group of heroes finally liberated the city of Tokyo, the troubles of ” metanoia Continue. Various behavioral changes continue to grow among many people across the country. Other police investigations continue and even accuse the ghost robbers of being after them. After being inactive for six months, the group decides to meet again and witness one of these transformations. On the other hand, you will now have to face castles, otherwise prisons. In these prisons, group members will experience feelings that are the same and different from those they have already experienced.

As for the gameplay, the exploration of the dungeons is almost identical to the original title, but somewhat abbreviated and with a slight lack of originality. All prisons are very similar, which lacks charm. The biggest difference from this title is in the fighting style. What Person 5, Strikers shows enemies on the map with options for stealth attacks or evasion, as we choose, but instead of offering combat in the round by round, launches you into combat zones in action / rpg of style musou. I have to be honest, at first I was worried that it would kill the “Persona 5” vibe, but this change pleasantly surprised me.

The action is fast and continuous. You always have the opportunity to control multiple person as in the original title and has the ability to activate spells and abilities quickly and easily. And you always have the option to “sacrifice” your persons to create stronger ones. While in mode continue actionYou can also interact with various elements of the stage to create attacks and combos of all kinds. So even though the fighting style has almost completely changed, the game is still fun and even more exciting than ever.

Visually, Persona 5 Strikers fully respects the style of the original title by having even more animations, making it a completely charming and eye-catching game! From the sound aspect, the music is very stimulating, with a completely new soundtrack and also with the possibility of getting the original track from Persona 5, if you have already played it and still have the backup data.

Once you’ve added the cooking aspect, you can search stores and restaurants to discover recipes and ingredients. In my opinion, the studio should have kept the formula of the original title when it comes to exchanges and interactions between the characters. In this one, you don’t have any character “quests”, in which you could increase your relationship with one or the other to give extra bonuses. Now everything is replaced by a kind ofcommon understanding, which improves only one indicator, in which you can choose only the bonus you want to increase among several options.

However, if you want to continue the crazy story of the phantom thieves, I highly recommend the title. Once again you will spend an unforgettable time there!


Play test - Score 8.5


  • Colorful and fluid graphics
  • Musical atmosphere that makes you tap
  • A lot of action!
  • A captivating story, despite the heavy theme.

  • Lack of some mechanics present in the original.
  • Playing cards very identical to the original
  • The camera is a bit difficult to handle at times.

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