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Phillies is likely to hire Dave Dombrowski as president of baseball operations

Phillies is likely to hire Dave Dombrowski as president of baseball operations

Philadelphia Phillies will hire long-time baseball executive Dave Dombrowski as president of baseball operations, AthleticJason Stark.. This leaves Mets as the only team left without a baseball president or general manager.

Dombrowski, the architect of two World Series champions, the Florida Marlins (1997) and the Boston Red Sox (2018), has recently brought a major league baseball team to Nashville.

Just recently in November, he reiterated his dedication to the Nashville Group. To tell AthleticKen Rosenthal, “I’m staying in Nashville,” he told the head of the Music City Baseball Group in an interview, “When I move here, when we continue to pursue new teams, expansion, relocation, Or gave a commitment if you didn’t go anywhere. ” — I will be here with them. This is clearly not the case.

Dombrowski will take over the baseball operations job with the Phillies, as the team is at a crossroads with a large salary following some disappointing seasons.Team owner John Middleton is already Pay attention to the impact The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting their current financial situation, and one of their best players, JT Realmuto, expects to have many suitors on his service this offseason. It has been.There was also a recent report They were open to Zack Wheeler tradingAlthough Middleton disputed those reports.

Dombrowski will soon steer and anything is possible in Phillies.Phillies beatwriter Matt Gerb Athletic, Sources told him Rather than being hired for a quick response, Dombrowski “first investigates everything that has gone wrong in the last five years and, in some cases, cancels much of what the previous regime has introduced. Ask Dombrowski. ”So as I said: anything Is possible.

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In addition to winning two World Series titles, Dombrowski helped build two Detroit Tigers teams that won AL pennants in 2006 and 2012. Most recently, he was president of the Red Sox baseball team in 2019.

He was fired less than 10 months after winning the World Series. This is partly due to the disappointing follow-up season of the World Series. The team was also involved in a scandal (although not as serious as the Astros) stealing its own signature while he was the baseball manager.