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Phillies wanted more when they invested $ 75 million in Jake Arieta

Phillies wanted more when they invested $ 75 million in Jake Arieta

Joe Girardi confirmed that it was clear on Thursday.

Jake Arieta took place during the rest of the regular season, injuring his right knee tendon.

An MRI performed on Wednesday confirmed the initial diagnosis of the Grade 1 strain. Arrieta was on the 10-day injured list later that day. Even if he recovered quickly, he was only eligible to return on the penultimate day of the season, and it was unrealistic to be ready by then.

So maybe Arietta is being killed as Philly.

Or maybe he isn’t.

“We want him back for the playoffs,” said manager Joe Girardi.

The Phillies played against Mets on Thursday night and played 12 games between 24:00 and 24:00. They were San Francisco and Thailand at the eighth and final National League playoff spots.

Creating a playoff is not certain for Phils. But at least they dominate their destiny.

Arrieta, 34, will become a free agent after the season ends. This is his second time to enter the open market. He has been a free agent since the 2017 season, two years after winning the NL Cy Young Award at the Chicago Cubs. Arrieta initially sought a seven-year contract, and Phillies wasn’t interested in such a contract. The pitcher remained on the market until the second week of March 2018. The Phillies then signed a contract with Arrieta to guarantee $ 75 million in these three seasons. He earned $ 30 million in 2018, which was the highest salary of a Philadelphia professional athlete of the year at the time.

Arieta pitched on a great pitch in May 2018 — he achieved 0.90 ERA on a five-start — but suffered from consistency and injury while in Philadelphia. He was 22 to 23 years old, started 64 and had an ERA of 4.36, averaging 5.5 innings per inning. He started 9 times this season and was 4-4 with ERA 5.08.

It’s safe to say that the Phillies wanted more when they invested in pitchers.

Arietta also finished last season on the disability list after requiring elbow surgery.