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Pixel 5, Chromecast and Google TV, Nest Audio: Everything Google has just announced

Pixel 5, Chromecast and Google TV, Nest Audio: Everything Google has just announced

Juan Garzon / CNET

Google big Start night in The event on Wednesday was the latest in a surge in technology announcements in September.Virtual event that saw the unveiling ceremony of Pixel 5 And Google’s first entry into 5G space was Announcement of Pixel 4A Budget Phone In August. The event confirmed the existence of Google’s next flagship phone, Pixel 5, And that Pixel 4A 5G.. Both new phones were launched at Google’s September event. New chromecast And the new Nest brand smart speaker, Nested audio.. But there was little surprise. Hold for me Telephone function. This allows you to put the terrible pending calls into the hands of the Google Assistant.

Announcement of Pixel 5, Just like Google’s previous flagship phone, There was more leakage than ancient plumbing (or perhaps As CNET Linla suspects, “Leak” is part of Google’s marketing strategy).

Look at this:

Everything just announced at Google’s Pixel 5 event



Google’s latest flagship has added 5G support to Google’s rotors and was published in the Google store prior to its announcement. It starts at $ 699 (£ 599, AU $ 999). The camera adds portrait lights and night sights to the camera in portraits. And on the new phone, Google has added a large bundle of services called Google One, La Apple One.

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Chris Monroe / CNET

The updated $ 50 (£ 60, A $ 99) Chromecast features a new remote with an assistant button and a button dedicated to high-profile streaming services. “More Useful TV” is Google’s tagline for Google TV, which looks like Android TV: The Next Generation. Update the recommendation engine to provide better search results and even aggregate streaming subscriptions.

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Look at this:

Chromecast with Google TV wants to help you find what …


Screenshot by CNET

Bass, value, and skinny are like the hallmarks of the Nest smart speaker. It runs you $ 100 (£ 90, A $ 149).

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