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Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro: Google finally has Tensor under control. Are the big updates coming soon?



Google is based on Pixel 6 smartphones yours for the first time tensor chip one that replaced Qualcomm’s usual SoC and was celebrated as a milestone by the company. However, so far, users have not noticed anything about this milestone, at least not in a positive sense. However, it is to be expected that Google will release one or another update in the future that may increase performance.

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For many years, like most smartphone makers, Google has relied on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips, which were built into everything from the first Nexus to the latest Pixel 5a. With the pixels 6 so you switched to your own system on a chip for the first time, which you call tensor baptized and, in hindsight, should be considered a major milestone in Google’s line of smartphones.

With Tensor, Google has become independent from Qualcomm and is instead relying on help from Samsung. looking at the Samsung’s new role model feature, that was certainly not the worst decision from today’s perspective. However, Samsung has only had moderate success with Exynos processors and still uses mostly Qualcomm chips in its own products.

Along with Apple, Google is one of the few smartphone manufacturers to use its own processors. Even Samsung, Xiaomi and other major manufacturers in the BBK Group have failed to do this so far. Of course, it must also be said that Google needs comparatively small amounts and is somewhat more flexible with a few smartphone models and full control over Android.

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The big question now is what Google does with it. In the first few months, Tensor had a negative impact and was the main culprit for update delays and issues. But these are teething problems that don’t matter in the long run. After only a few months, it was/is on par with Qualcomm’s chips in terms of upgrades and performance. Now it will be about taking advantage of the chips themselves, which is still the focus of marketing and advertising.

The end user is not interested in embedded hardware, but wants to see results. So when Google promotes Tensor so much, it is setting the bar very high and creating expectations among users. With that, major updates should be expected in the future that improve the smartphone experience. Higher performance can be difficult, but Google proved back then with cameras that you can get more out of weak hardware than would actually be physically possible.

But it would also be a good start if you take full control over hardware and software as an opportunity to extend the upgrade promise and take Samsung as a benchmark you might even skip. Koreans now promise, even with Qualcomm devices, up to four years of Android updates.

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