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Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro: Users report random ringtones, beeps, and alarm tones


All users of Pixel 6 smartphones I could be happy in April, because that The security update was deployed on time and it has not caused any problems on the devices. However, it seems only in the last few days that a problem has arisen, which can be classified more as an annoyance and not really a stumbling block: ringtones and signal tones have been adjusted for many users.

pixel 6 smartphone covers

There is a large selection of ringtones, signal tones and alarm tones available on Pixel smartphones, but they are no longer as important as they were in years past. Many users have probably kept the default ringtones and gotten used to them. However, at some point in the last few days, the system changed these tones to more random tones. Interestingly, these are supposed to be tones that are used in the system but are not actually available for selection. For example, the following tones were used in 9to5.

Pixel 6 misaligned ringtones

Very random sounds indeed. For other users, there are probably other sound files, but they are also less designed as ringtones, signal tones or wake up tones. If you’re trained on your own sounds, you may have missed a few calls in the first few days. All tones can be reset and should no longer change on their own. So a bug fix by Google shouldn’t be necessary, you just need to be careful that it doesn’t happen again in May.

It is not known why only Pixel 6 users are affected, at least there are no reports from other users. By the way, the standard tones for the ringtone, signal tone and alarm tone are: The Big Adventure, Popcorn and Bright Morning.

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