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Pixel Launcher bar swaps Assistant logo for microphone icon

Pixel Launcher bar swaps Assistant logo for microphone icon

Assistant is definitely just one of Google’s most vital goods nowadays and its prominence, as perfectly as capability, will only raise in the foreseeable future. Google has designed a modest tweak to how Assistant visually seems on Pixel phones as the Pixel Launcher now opts for a microphone icon.

On Pixel telephones right now, there are four means to launch Google Assistant:

  1. Ok/Hey Google hotword
  2. Swipe up from the bottom corners on Android 10+
  3. Active Edge (remaining phased out)
  4. Faucet the Assistant icon in the Pixel Launcher look for bar

Google has ever so a bit improved that very last approach. As an alternative of the Assistant symbol composed of circles forming a ‘G’ form, a microphone icon appears. It’s the same a person that has extended appeared in the Google application.

This is an odd branding probability that basically decreases the prominence of Assistant, but it does make all of Google’s lookup fields — across world-wide-web and mobile — equivalent.

Pixel 4a – NGA

In terms of operation, there is a slight modify to what pops up. On the Pixel 4 and 4a, the transparent new Google Assistant UI does not show up. Alternatively, buyers on all Pixel devices get a shorter, rounded sheet that asks “Hi, how can I assist?” at the major. Regular controls look at the bottom, when the 4/4a sees the light bar. This helps emphasize the new compact Assistant that just rolled out to non-NGA products.

That mentioned, you can carry on to launch Assistant as you normally would these days. There is no big difference to how it performs. In the Google application, that microphone icon introduced the outdated, pre-Assistant “Voice search” knowledge.

In reality, that also sees a improve on devices that have the new icon. An Assistant icon is additional to the Google application sheet that will take up most of your display to settle for a command. This interface still performs Google searches.

As of right now, Pixel Launcher search bar on most devices have the microphone icon changed by the Assistant emblem.

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