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Pixel Watch: Google probably donates a strong battery: a new leak sees a capacity superior to the competition


Google could be the first in just a few days pixel clock present, about which, mainly thanks to the leaked prototype, a lot is already known. After numerous photos, there is finally information about what’s under the hood: a leak from a supposedly reliable source reveals that the battery capacity of the Pixel Watch is probably very good.

pixel watch bracelet 4

The Pixel Watch presentation is getting closer and closer and little by little the final image of the smart watch is being formed, which we hope that Google can launch very soon. Although the leaks of the last days, weeks and even months have only referred to the outside, there has been no information about the technical equipment of the smartwatch for a long time. This may not be as important with a smartwatch and with a view to the hopefully highly optimized Wear OS, but it’s still interesting.

According to a supposedly reliable source, under the hood of the Pixel Watch is a 300mAh battery Installed capacity. That doesn’t sound like much from a smartphone perspective, but you can go relatively far with a device with such a small screen. As a comparison, you could use the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 with only 247 mAh, which lasts more than 24 hours. Fossil also has a 300 mAh smartwatch in the pipeline with the old Wear OS that lasts 30 hours.

Battery capacity alone says nothing about runtime, because this depends on other hardware, screen size, and of course software optimizations. Let’s just note that this value is now presumably known and is in the upper league by comparison.

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