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PlayStation fan disappointed after another PS4 game was canceled

PlayStation fan disappointed after another PS4 game was canceled

Another PS4 game was canceled and PlayStation fans were disappointed.Today, developers Monkey Moon and Black Muffins announced: Night call It’s not coming to PS4 anymore, so it’s the second PS4 game canceled this month Uppers Canceled a few weeks ago. According to the pair mentioned above, canceling the PS4 port of the game results in a simple lack of funds.

Twitter reveals the official Twitter account for the game Night call It doesn’t sell very well on other platforms. Combined with this, game porting problems occur and developers can’t afford to buy a PS4 port.

“PlayStation players, we apologize for the announcement of the PS4 version. Night call The official Twitter account for the game states, “In addition to the game not selling well on other platforms, we cannot offer it due to issues encountered with our porting partners. Night call With PS4. Note that we are probably as disappointed as you are. But we can’t afford it. “

As you can imagine, many PlayStation fans are disappointed to hear the news. Night call Debuted last year and is now available on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and mobile devices. Needless to say, some PlayStation fans have been expecting the game for over a year, but unfortunately it didn’t make sense to wait.

For those who don’t know: Night call It’s a simulation and “What would you do?” Game. Work night shift as a taxi driver in Paris and acquire the skills to open up people. You need to take advantage of this to catch serial killers who have left you. For the dead.

Nightcall will not appear on PS4, but there are still many games that can be played on the console. 234 games currently on sale at the new Halloween sale on the PlayStation Store..