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PlayStation patents a mobile controller

Meanwhile we await the December news scheduled for Playstation plusSony is making some moves on the mobile front. The renowned company hasn’t openly released plans for mobile games, but it has made some key strategic moves. This includes hiring former Apple Arcade boss Nicola Sebastiani to run PlayStation Mobile.

A job listing from April 2021 also indicated that the company wanted to expand its development of console titles, PC, mobile devices and live services with the goal of successfully adapting the most popular PlayStation franchises for mobile devices. ” It seems that even more significant progress is being made as they have prepared a patent for a controller for mobile devices..

The news was recently published by the Japanese division of Sony Interactive Entertainment and identified by VGC. The design shown is essentially two handles similar to the PlayStation 4 DualShock with the mobile device in the middle. The image is visible at the bottom of the article, although it does not visibly include part of the patent description.

Therefore, PlayStation controllers can already be connected via Bluetooth and there are various third-party devices to play the titles. Xbox (courtesy of the cloud). This appears to be a natural extension of it, although it cannot be said to what extent the company’s plans are currently. So stay tuned to stay up to date!

Source: GamingBolt

Mobile playstation

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