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PlayStation reveals PS4 games that are incompatible with PS5

PlayStation reveals PS4 games that are incompatible with PS5

With the release of PlayStation 5 later this month, fans will be able to enjoy the vast library of games first released on the PS4. However, not all games released on the system are compatible with PS5. It’s still unclear if Sony will add other games to the list, or if these are the only titles that won’t jump to the next generation. So far, it seems that there are only about 10 games in total. This list is at the bottom of this post and will be updated as games are added.

There are rumors about other games that are not compatible with PS5 hardware other than these games. In particular, Ubisoft has released a blog post with a list of games that may not work on the PS5. Assassin’s Creed Chronicle: India, Danger, Star Trek Bridge Crew, And some others. The publisher then deleted the blog post listing those Statement to Engadget“There may be inaccuracies associated with Ubisoft titles that can be played on PS5,” the publisher said.

Please note that any of the games listed below this post may receive a patch to make it compatible with PS5. If demand is high enough, Sony may add backward compatibility in future updates.

It will be interesting to see what role backward compatibility will play in the future of PS5. Microsoft talked about backward compatibility as one of the main selling points of the Xbox Series X hardware, but Sony doesn’t seem to be very interested in promoting older products. Instead, the company seems to be much more interested in new games coming to next-generation platforms.

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Despite this difference in strategy, some PS4 games also offer the ability to transfer progress to the PS5. God of War III Remaster, God of War (2018),and PS4 version Marvel Spider-Man: Miles Morales.. Sony, however, states that it results in individual developers and publishers.

Looking forward to backward compatibility on PS5? What games are you planning to play on the platform? Let us know in the comments or let us know what you think directly on Twitter. @Marcdachamp To speak all about the game!

Keep reading to see which PS4 games are not compatible with PS5!