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PM CARES | How many oxygen plants received central funding? What is the fact of the opposition’s claim?

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi today inaugurated 35 oxygen plants for the states and territories of the Union. The money was spent from the PM Cares Fund. The oxygen plants were inaugurated by the governments of Delhi and Jharkhand on Wednesday, a day before the prime minister’s dedication to the country.

“The opposition, which constantly vilifies the PM Cares fund, is inaugurating the oxygen plants financed by PM Cares and taking credit for them,” central government sources said.

Of the 27 oxygen plants inaugurated by ministers of the Delhi government on October 6, 14 were built with the PM Cares fund, while the rest were financed by other industries, central government sources told News18. “In the announcements published by the Delhi government prior to the ceremony, no credit was given to the PM Cares Fund that aided in the installation of these plants,” the sources said.

Delhi BJP Secretary General Kuljeet Singh Chahal said that most of the oxygen plants inaugurated by Delhi government ministers on Wednesday were financed by the PM Cares Fund, but that the state government was trying to get credit for it. Chahal also shared some videos of these plants.

In Jharkhand, Chief Minister Hemant Soren and the state health minister inaugurated 27 oxygen plants built with the PM Cares fund on Wednesday. The Jharkhand government had mentioned in an announcement that the plants were funded by the PM Cares Fund. However, the state leadership of the BJP criticized the government for inaugurating the plant a day before the inauguration by the prime minister of oxygen plants across the country.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the oxygen plants at AIIMS in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. Modi has dedicated 35 oxygen plants under PM Cares in 35 states and Union territories. “With this, PSA oxygen plants are available in all districts of the country,” he said.