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Pokemon-Esque Collect-’em-Up Monster Rancher 2 is Coming to Android This Drop

Monster Rancher 2, the Pokemon-esque monster-accumulating game from Koei Tecmo, is coming to cell this slide. 

That is the information coming out of Famitsu, Japan’s iconic video game magazine, which statements that the increased port of the 1999 PlayStation title is coming to Switch, iOS, and Android. According to Wikipedia, it’ll be out in November.

Operating on a Monster Farm

When particulars remain slim on the ground, Toei Tecmo revealed that the activity will comprise around 400 monsters, as effectively as many advancements centered on player feed-back. Presented that Monster Rancher 2 has existed for extra than 20 yrs, just one can only assume that responses will be plentiful.

If the initially Monster Rancher port is everything to go by, it is very likely that Monster Rancher 2 will obtain a fairly dramatic overhaul. We’ll be in a position to locate out for ourselves before the 12 months is out. 

P.S., In case you’ve just seemed at the impression for this tale and you are going through confusion, Monster Farm 2 is the game’s Japanese title.

Supply: Siliconera