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Pokemon Go Dev addresses concerns of mega evolution


Mega evolution Although recently arrived in Pokemon Go, many players have so far not been completely satisfied with its implementation. To mega-evolve a Pokemon, the user must first collect the mega-energy of that monster. However, this is usually locked behind Mega raid battle, Makes it difficult for many players to collect the required amount. Developer Niantic is aware of these concerns and has promised to address them.

Post about Pokemon Subreddit SILFLODThe Niantic representative writes that the studio is paying attention to player feedback on mega-evolution and is considering ways to make the feature more accessible. In particular, the studio “clarifies loudly that the player wants an additional way for players to collect mega-energy outside the raid, and that the current requirements feel too steep and unworthy. I pointed out that I heard.

“[P]I know Reese is talking about how they can address these concerns, but it’s in a very early stage and if it takes some time to see the changes implemented in-game there is. We already have a pipeline, but we don’t have a schedule yet. “

Niantic didn’t go into any further detail on how to adjust Mega Evolutions, but the studio asks players to keep sharing their feedback. Mega Energy is usually only earned through Mega Raid, but this month Mega September event Features a limited-time research task that rewards players with mega-energy that provides another way to harvest resources.

To make it a little easier to join the Mega Raid, Niantic Cheap remote raid pass bundles This month at the Pokemon Go in-game shop. Meanwhile, in the studio Other events We’ll be in the game for the next few weeks, including the new Victini Special Research line and Go Battle Night. This month we’ll also see several different legendary Pokemon, such as Cresseria and Articuno, returning to the 5-star raid for a limited time.

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