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Pokémon GO: evolution trailer available

Pokémon GO: evolution trailer available

The many innovations announced by Niantic are coming slowly. Pokemon go now have a new one upgrade, which allows us to discover, before evolution, I Battle points of the selected Pokémon and for which Lotte GO Leagues is eligible to participate.

The announcement also came from the profile. Twitter user support of Niantic. We remind you that it is necessary to visit the digital store of your mobile devices (apple store, Google Play Store) for upgrade the game.

Trainers before evolution You will be able to preview the battle points after the evolution of your Pokémon and be informed if the evolution of the Pokémon makes it unsuitable for certain leagues. Try it now: restart the game and press “Evolve” on one of your Pokémon.

Previously, selecting the Pokémon to evolve and choosing the option “Evolve”, the game required more confirmation, but without other information. From now on, Pokémon GO shows the battle points and what the new evolved monster will look like. If the battle points of the evolved form exceed the maximum limit For some battle leagues, there will be a notice in Orange that shows which are actually the Leagues in which it will not be able to participate once evolved.