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Pokémon GO, Ho-Oh Shiny: How to beat and capture it in a raid? Our guide – News


News tip Pokémon GO, Ho-Oh Shiny: How to beat and capture it in a raid? Our guide

The last time we talkedHo-oh on Pokemon go, was a year ago. The legendary bird of 2nd generation Get back to raiding in the Shiny version from January 1-5, 2021! Here’s your complete catching guide that includes your best Pokemon attack-based counters, detailed stats, and all of our catching tips.

Information about Ho-Oh

  • The boss of raid a 45702 PC.
  • Once captured, a Ho-Oh to Perfect IVs in 2207 CP at level 20 and 2759 CP at level 25 (with a weather boost).
  • Speaking of the weather, if you want to go for the boost (making the boss harder to fight but also stronger once captured), you need a Windy or sunny weather. We also highly recommend the weather Partly cloudy which increases your Rock-type Pokémon, which, as we’ll see, is THE type to focus on.

credit for fanart designed by Monton Inprang

What Pokémon to use to defeat Ho-Oh in raids? The best accountants

Ho-Oh has three weaknesses: Water, Electricity, but above all a double weakness Roche. Don’t ask yourself too many questions and abuse the Roche guy! Here are the best counters against Ho-Oh:

Pokémon GO, Ho-Oh Shiny: How to beat and capture it in a raid?  Our guide
  • Charkos (Anti-Aircraft / Landslide)
  • Rhinastoc (Anti-aircraft / rock blade)
  • Tyranocif (Anti-aircraft / rock blade)
  • Terracion (Anti-Aircraft / Landslide)
  • Ptera (Throwing stones / landslide)
  • Demeteros (Jet-Perres / Landslide)
  • Gigalith (Anti-Aircraft / Landslide)
  • Ammonizing (Jet-Perres / Landslide)
  • Grolem d’Alola (Jet-Perres / Roc Blade)

The use of a mega evolution is not required here. For your information, know that the most powerful is Mega-Tortank.

Tips and strategic advice

On Ho-Oh’s attacks

Here are the 5 attacks that Ho-Oh has access to:

Pokémon GO, Ho-Oh Shiny: How to beat and capture it in a raid?  Our guide
  • Steel wings (fast attack of the type .. bah Steel);
  • Extrasensor (fast attack of psychic type);
  • Rapace (robbery-type charged attack);
  • Explosion (Fire-type charged attack);
  • Sun launcher (Plant type charged attack).

We would like to tell you that the list of counters varies depending on the attacks you have, but when there is a double weakness, there are not a lot of strategies. We scold the Roche guy and that’s it.

Having said that, pay close attention to Sunlance. This attack does a lot of damage to Water and Rock types, especially Ammonistar who has a double weakness or Grolem who does not have much health.

fanart drawn by Lyubi

Pokémon GO, Ho-Oh Shiny: How to beat and capture it in a raid?  Our guide

Recommended number of players according to your coach level

Since it is not very resistant and has a double weakness, two good players of level 40 or higher can try to beat Ho-Oh in a duo without much hassle ! For less experienced players, choose at least 3 or 4.

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