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Pokémon GO: Rüpel Sprüche – These Pokémon use the Rocket Rüpel


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In Pokémon GO there is a rocket bully that attacks you with Pokémon of various types. We show all the rocket sayings by which you can recognize monsters.

San Francisco: Rocket Bully can be found in Pokémon GO on all PokéStops. They speak to you and challenge you to fight. You can know which Pokémon are used according to the saying of the rocket bully. This is an ideal way to prepare for a fight. We will show you all the intimidation sayings in Pokémon GO and tell you which monsters will be sent into battle after the spell.

Name of the game Pokemon go
Launch (date of first publication) July 06, 2016
Editor Niantic
Serie Pokemon
Platforms Android, iOS
developer Niantic
Gender Augmented reality, Mobile

Pokémon GO: Rüpel-Sprüche: this is how you recognize the monsters of the Rocket villains

Here you can find the bullying sayings: If a rocket bully speaks to you, then he challenges you to a fight. At the end of the conversation, the stalker always says a line that points to his team. The guy who primarily uses the rocket bully is usually named there. So you know that the opponent is fighting Grass- or Dark-type Pokémon, for example. So you can pack ideal counterattacks.

However, not all bullying sayings are so clear cut. It also happens that some thugs use monsters of other types besides the mentioned type. That is why it is important to know what equipment is behind what loud saying.

Team Rocket in Pokémon GO.

© Niantic

How many ruff sayings are there? There are a total of 20 sayings that the bully uses. The thugs can then choose from a team of six to eight Pokémon to send into battle.

Pokémon GO: all the bullying sayings: teams and Pokémon of the rocket bully

This is how we have listed the proverbs: In the table below, we have listed all the sayings and then named the possible Pokémon in the positions. At the far right of the table, you will find the types that you should ideally use against these bullies. Here is the table:

Rüpel saying Pokémon 1 Pokemon 2 Pokémon 3 The best guys as a counterattack
We will stomp you to the ground! Digda, Quiekel Knogga, it vibrated Skorgro, Libelldra Frozen water
We are ready. You can put poison on it! Nidoran (male / female), Pionskora Sleima, Sleimok Sleimok, Nidorina, Smogmog ground
Do you know how hot a Pokémon’s Fire Breath can be? Vulpix, Hunduster, Magmar Vulnona, Hundemon, Magmar Vulnone, Glutexo, Arkani Rock, water
Look how cute my Pokémon is! Snubbull Snubbull, granbull Granbull Poison, steel
It is not good to eat berries with us! Hoppspross, Myrapla, Tangela Tangela, Duflor, Hubelupf Dreams, Giflor, Tengulista Fire
Normal does not mean weak. Teddiursa Rattikarl, Porygon2 Porygon-Z, relax hard
Come on, my super Pokémon Beetle! Pionskora, Anorith, Pottrott Pinsir, Omot, Scherox Bibor, Sichlor, Scherox Fire
Hey you! These waters are deceptive! (male) Karpador Karpador Karpador, Garados Electro
Hey you! These waters are deceptive! (Woman) Seeper, Quapsel, Seemops Moorabbel, Morlord Quappo, Quaxo Plant, electro
Fight my flying Pokémon! Zubat, Staralili Golbat, Staravia Garados, Iksbat, Dragoran Rock, ice (in Dragoran)
A good roar is half the battle! Dratini Dragonir, Libelldra Dragoran, Garados Ice, Electric (in Garados)
Are you afraid of invisible forces? Woingenau, Flegmon, Owei Traumato, Kadabra Kokowei, Kirlia, Hypno Dark
You’ll be surprised! Frizelbliz, Elektek, Voltilamm Waaty, Elektek Elektek, Ampharos ground
It may sound a bit trite, but where there is light there is also shadow. Kramurx, Fiffyen Magnayen, Zobiris Tengulista, Noktuska Fight, rock (near Kramurx)
You are walking on thin ice! Shnebedeck, Seemops Seejong, Quiekel, Austos Lapras, Rexblisar, Austos Wrestling, electro
Buhu … Buhuhu …! Zwirrlicht, Shuppet, Traunfugil Zwirrklop, Banette Banette, Zobiris, Zwirrfinst Dark spirit
This muscular body is not just for show! Machollo, Makuhita Maschok Maschok, Nockchan, Kicklee Psychosis, Flug, Tarifa
Let’s get the ball rolling! Stollunior, Nasgnet Larvitar, Pupitar, Stollrak Pupitar, Despotar hard
Prepare for defeat! Relax Quappo, Relaxo, Guardevoir Relaxo, Dragoran, Garados Fight, ice cream, electro
Winning is for winners. Relax Quappo, Relaxo, Guardevoir Relaxo, Dragoran, Garados Fight, ice cream, electro
Don’t even try, victory is mine. Relax Quappo, Relaxo, Guardevoir Relaxo, Dragoran, Garados Fight, ice cream, electro

How do you defeat the bully “Siegen is for winners”? Probably the heaviest bully in Pokémon GO comes into play when you use the saying “Victory is for the winners”, “Don’t try it, victory is mine” or “Prepare for defeat!” You need a strong team to win.

First of all, you need to choose a fighting Pokémon like Lucario. After that, things get a bit more complicated. Quappo and Gyarados can be defeated by Electric Monsters, and Dragoran is susceptible to Pokémon Ice. Then there is only Guardevoir left, which you can defeat with Raikou, for example. The Electric Pokémon can also use the Haunted Ball, which is effective against Guardevoir.

Pokémon GO: Defeat Giovanni, Arlo, Cliff and Sierra – this is how you beat the Rocket bosses.

These are the Rocket bosses: When you have defeated the bully, the Rocket bosses will be waiting for you. After six victories over Rüpel, you can challenge Arlo, Cliff or Sierra. Also, you can regularly reach the rocket boss, Giovanni, through a special investigation. We have summarized the best counterattacks here:

Those who like to fight the Rocket bosses are sure to have fun in the PvP league. We will show you the best Pokémon in the Pokémon GO Super League. There you will find strong monsters for battle.

Rubriklistenbild: © Niantic

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