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Pokémon GO: Spotlight Hours March 2022 – Morning with Fukano


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In Pokémon GO, the opening hours are held every Tuesday, of course, also in March 2022. Tomorrow it’s Fukano’s turn and he brings extra stardust.

Update of 03/08/2022: Today is the next attention hour and the trainers can catch Owei. You can also look forward to the additional XP bonus in Pokémon GO tonight.

name of the game Pokémon GO
Release (date of first publication) July 06, 2016
editors niantic
Serie Pokemon
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First report from 01.02.2022: San Francisco – Hello! In Pokémon GO, the Alola season has begun, in which an especially large number of monsters from the seventh generation of Pokémon appear. But with the new season comes many more events and bonuses to Pokémon GO. Including the new hours of prominence in March 2022, which will be inaugurated by Tragosso. All information about opening hours in March 2022 can be found here.

Pokémon GO: Spotlight Hours in March 2022: this is how they work

What is the time of the attention center? In Pokémon GO there is a weekly recurring event. During so-called spotlight hours every Tuesday between 6pm and 7pm, you may find a previously featured Pokémon more frequently in the wild. Plus, you get a special bonus during each Spotlight Hour, so you can get extra stardust, candy, or XP.

These are the dates: The Alola season in Pokémon GO begins in March 2022 with five hours of attention. We show you all the dates on which the Pokémon shown appear massively. Also active bonuses during events are in the table.

date Pokemon cousin
March 01, 2022 swallow* double send candies
March 08, 2022 Owei* Dual Development XP
March 15, 2022 Fukano* Double Catch Stardust
March 22, 2022 fake tree* Double Catch EXP
March 29, 2022 paragraphs* double catch candy

What Pokémon will there be in March 2022? Tragosso, Owei, Fukano, Mogelbaum, and Paras await you at Spotlight Hours in March 2022. Evolutions of Tragosso and Owei have been in Alolan form since Gen 7, so you can expect Alolan Knogga and Alolan Kokowei. All specimens can also be found as shiny again.

Pokémon GO: Spotlight Hour on March 1 – Drinks and candy

What bonuses are there? March begins with the hour of protagonism with Tragosso. The Pokémon is a ground type and has existed since the first generation of the game. Since Generation 7, Tragosso has been able to evolve into Alolan Knogga, which has Fire and Ghost types; Alolan Knogga could also appear in Pokémon GO with the Alola Season. Until now you cannot evolve Tragosso to Alola-Knogga. Double Candy rewards await you when you send Pokémon during Spotlight Hour.

Pokémon GO: Spotlight Hour on March 1 – Drinks and candy

© Ninatic/Nintendo (editing)

Spotlight hour is so worth it: Unfortunately, neither Tragosso nor Knogga are really good monsters for your collection. For this moment in the spotlight, you may want to focus more on double-delivery candy. Still, catching some Tragosso could be beneficial. If Knogga’s Alolan form is still featured in Pokémon Go, you should be well prepared.

Pokémon GO: Spotlight Hour on March 8 – Owei and Bonus XP

What bonuses are there? After Tragosso, Owei can wait. While you’re already seeing quite a few Alolan Kokowei, Spotlight makes it easier to get the normal Kokowei. Also, on March 8, you can earn double experience points by evolving Pokémon.

Pokémon GO: Spotlight Hour on March 8 – Owei and Bonus XP

© Ninatic/Nintendo (editing)

Spotlight hour is so worth it: Owei itself isn’t worth it, but Kokowei’s further development isn’t too bad if you need a plant or attacking psycho in raids. But there are still better alternatives. So, at the time of the spotlight on March 8, the focus is again on the bonus, which is active at the same time.

Pokémon GO: Spotlight Hour on March 15 – Fukano and Stardust

What bonuses are there? On March 15 you can expect one of the most popular Fire-type Pokémon. There are plenty of Fukano to be found in this spotlight hour. During Spotlight Hour with Fukano, all Trainers receive double Stardust when they catch monsters.

Pokémon GO: Spotlight Hour on March 15 – Fukano and Stardust

© Ninatic/Nintendo (editing)

Spotlight hour is so worth it: In this moment of prominence, it is better to keep the ball low. While Arcani and Fukano look great, they won’t do you much good in Raids and PVP. There are much better Fire attackers than Arcanes, so it should be clear that it’s all about the bonus again. Get your balls ready to snag lots of stardust.

Pokémon GO: Spotlight Hour on March 22 – Sham Tree and experience points

What bonuses are there? At the end of the month, you will first have the opportunity to encounter large masses of Sham Tree. Spotlight Hour on March 22 will bring you the Rock-type Pokémon Slouchy Tree and another bonus that gives vigilant Trainers an advantage: double XP when catching Pokémon.

Pokémon GO: Spotlight Hour on March 22 – Sham Tree and experience points

© Niantic/Nintendo (montage)

Spotlight hour is so worth it: The imitation Pokémon Shamrock is more for collectors. With bad stats, you can almost completely forget about Cheat Tree when looking for new comrades-in-arms for raids or PVP. However, the spotlight hour might be worth it, because with any luck you’ll come across a shiny fake tree – this shiny is very popular with players. For Spotlight Hour on March 22, focus again on the bonus that can get you some serious XP.

Pokémon GO: Spotlight Hour on March 29 – Paras and Candy

What bonuses are there? In the rear on March 29 is Paras. Bug- and Grass-type Pokémon can evolve into Parasec, and you’ll see them en masse in March’s latest Spotlight. Plus, all trainers can expect double the candy when they catch Pokemon between 6pm and 7pm.

Pokémon GO: Spotlight Hour on March 29 – Paras and Candy

© Ninatic/Nintendo (editing)

Spotlight hour is so worth it: Actually, it’s not even worth leaving the house for Paras. Even the further development of Parasek is so bad that you can safely skip this hour of attention. Not even the bonus can put you off. The double candies for catching Pokémon will be almost exclusively for Paras, so you won’t be able to make much progress with your other Pokémon in those 60 minutes.

Also in March 2022, the hours of prominence leave much to be desired. Although you can make Tragosso preparations for Alolan Knogga and fill your candy bags, the Pokemon selection is pretty weak. But it’s still “Cheer up” because there are other special events waiting for you. Pokémon GO’s March 2022 events have a lot going for them.

Image of the list of rubrics: © Ninatic/Nintendo (montage)

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