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Pokemon-like MMO Temmem will be available on PlayStation 5 in December •

Pokemon-like MMO Temmem will be available on PlayStation 5 in December • TECH GAMING REPORT

Limited to “console debut” as early access.

A large-scale multiplayer riff at developer Crema’s Pokemon Temtem will be available on PlayStation 5 on December 8th for early access “console debut” only.

Have have have Start Steam Early Access With over 500,000 copies sold in the first month of its release in January of this year, Crema steadily expands and explores core creature collection and combat actions as development progresses, new islands, new social and competitive features. , Introduced home customization etc.

Early access is expected to continue next year, and the final version 1.0 release of Temtem will be released on Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and PC. However, Crema has announced that it will expand early access development to the PS5 from December, which Sony now calls its exclusive “console debut.”

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Starting December 8th, PS5 owners will be able to explore the four islands of Temtems (six will be fully released) and capture over 100 tems as part of the game’s main (optionally cooperating) campaign. I will. This is currently equivalent to about 30 hours of play. Various competition modes are also available, including ranked matchmaking battles, and cross-play is supported on the PC version.

Temtem is priced at £ 31.99 and £ 44.99 for the Standard and Deluxe editions, respectively, with early access starting on the PS5. These prices will increase with each major update until version 1.0 is released. Pre-orders will be provided with an exclusive in-game title and PSN avatar. Learn more about. On the PlayStation blog..

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